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2024 - All applications support single sign-on (SSO) and HIPAA Compliance


Monthly, 30 day, or weekly area inspections
Email reminders
Image capturing options
Customized checklists for each inspection location
Non-compliance tracking
Action plan and follow-up documentation
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Meet documentation requirements for USP 797-800-795
Competency scheduling, grading & tracking
Compounding & Labeling
Sample scheduling & tracking
Reminder alerts
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Better Kit, tray, code cart restocking
Save staff time & hardwire safety
Track all expiration dates & lot numbers
Verify each pocket has correct med, quantity & not expired
Alerts when meds are near expiration
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Health system formulary management
Create formulary groupings
Med link to FDA API for drug information
Flag as pediatric, high risk, hazardous, outpatient
Substitution options
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